Czech (Czech Republic)Español (Spanish Formal International)

Cuban ,Latinoamerican music, as well as the worldwide hits of the 80's and the 90's, all of it can be found on our playlist.

The vocalist Tanda, might be known from the ,,Mamba Show“ of Halina Pawlowská, while the pianist Milan is famous, as a past member of the ,,Kale“ band. Vicky is well known from many others cuban bands. Mario, the bass man, is known as a past member of the jazz-funky band „Khetane“.

Members of the band

  • Tanda-vocal and maracas-Cuba

  • Maria Victoria-flute,guiro and vocals-Cuba

  • Milano-piano and vocals

  • Mario-bass guitar and vocals

Musical production

  • Privates parties

  • Weddings

  • Birhday parties

  • Balls, and many others